Natural Skin Care – Is It Worth The particular Hype?

The next natural skin care really worth all the hype? You bet it is!

There are so many reasons I favor natural skin care, with simplicity plus affordability being among the most important. Security, however , has always been and will always be the main reason I continue to choose and enjoy natural skin care.

I never really provided too much thought to what I put on my skin. I happily purchased what ever products were the latest and finest according to the magazines. It never really occurred to me that I should actually know what was in the products I was using, as long as they did what they promised to perform. However , once I was diagnosed with “the worst case of contact dermatitis” my doctor had ever seen, after switching to a new base, I decided I better start paying attention to what I was putting on the skin.

All it took was a tiny bit of research into the ingredients listed on the bottles of my “holy grail” skin care products, and I had been, shall we say, “shocked plus awed” into quickly finding organic alternatives. As it turns out, contact dermatitis should have been the least of my concerns. I couldn’t believe the things i had been putting on my skin every single day.

Do YOU Know What You’re Feeding Your Skin?

Let’s face it, our skin is becoming one of our most prized possessions. Every day we are bombarded with images of people flaunting perfect skin on television and in magazines, and we feel the widening pressure to have perfect skin too!

The truth of the matter is this…

Many experts agree that the secret to beautiful skin includes not only becoming mindful of what we put IN our body, but also what we put ON it. Have you ever taken the time to review the ingredient list of your favorite skin care products? If you do, you probably wondered if what you were reading was being presented in a different language.

Most skin care ingredients are really difficult to pronounce, and worse yet, we now have no idea what most are.

A quick look into a typical ingredient list, and we are usually greeted with words like…

Disodium EDTA
Propylene glycol(PEG)
Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
Triclosan and triclocarban
Triethanolamine (TEA)
While long, complex ingredient lists make it difficult for many of us to determine whether or not what we are signing up to our skin is safe, consumer advocate organizations the Environmental Working Group have come quite a distance to make it possible for us to research the particular safety of these suspect ingredient lists.

Conventional Skin Care Products: Do They Harm Our Health?

Keeping our skin within tip-top shape can be quite the challenge, departing us frustrated and our pouches empty. And with all the negative advertising chemical filled cosmetics are receiving, we also wonder if our cash is the only thing we’re sacrificing when we slather on those expensive creams and serums.

A lot of us are becoming more aware of what we put IN your body. We’ve begun opting for organic fruits and vegetables, and looking to fill our diets with increased whole foods void of suspect hormones and preservatives. Why then, do we continue to feed the skin we have with products equivalent to the chemical laden, highly processed junk food that we refuse to eat?
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Aside from causing severe allergic reactions, some of the toxic ingredients used in everyday skin care products have the potential to cause more serious diseases including:

Fertility Problems
Our skin is said to absorb up to 60 % of the substances we apply to this, including the potential cancer causing chemical substances found in many conventional skin care items. Medical researchers are becoming increasingly concerned about the long term effects of the many questionable chemicals you and I expose our skin and physiques to every day.

There is No Need to Compromise Health for Beauty

We do have a choice.

For thousands of years, women looked in order to nature for their skin care needs. In fact , nature offers us all the ingredients our skin needs to be healthy and beautiful.

Prior to shelling out money for the potentially harmful skin care products savvy marketers persuade us to use every day, consider attempting natural alternatives instead.

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