Fostering a Puppy Or Dog

Perhaps you have considered fostering a dog or puppy dog from a rescue or the local pet shelter? Puppy’s can be a lot of fun and they’re very loving and playful.

Pups will need playtime on the floor. You will want to spend some time down in their world to make your self more accessible and help socialize the dog or puppy. Plus they will need you to spend time with them on the floor anyhow. Your time spent socializing your create puppy will be crucial. A dog’s early interactions with people will help to shape how the dog behaves in every future contact with the people they meet. Remember the key to getting your foster pet adopted is socialization. The puppy or dog at the front of the kennel that’s eager to meet potential adopters is more likely to be adopted. A dog’s cute encounter and wagging tail is his/her best advertisement.

Fostering a dog or even puppy is always a give plus take. You give your time plus help save a life, they leave messes and probably will take your slippers.
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Expect to clean up after a puppy at least twice a day. Depending on the age of the puppy, you may need to clean up more often. You will want to provide metal dishes so as to avoid any bacteria in the puppies or even dogs water and food bowls.

If you are fostering a dog or puppy it is helpful to take him/her out for a 10-15 minute walk to assist relieve anxiety though exercise particularly when you first arrive at your home. After the walk show the dog around your house while still on the leash so he/she can become familiar with the new environment. Remain calm and do not act too excited, your guest will recognize your mood and could become nervous.

If you foster a very young puppy you may want to find a clock that ticks or purchase a cuddly bed or teddy bear with a heartbeat. The sound will help to ease separation anxiety and will let the pup sleep easier. I like the Bear Hug and Snuggly. These two items have realistic heartbeats that pups appreciate.

If you are considering fostering the puppy or dog you’ll need to be prepared by making sure you have the appropriate items for an indoor pet.

You’ll need to have:

Meals bowls – metal not plastic
Water bowl – metal not plastic
Towels or sheets to get bedding (You may want two models so you can launder one. )

Don’t forget, there are also many full grown canines in need of a caring foster house. For all the same reasons as pups, fostering a grown dog may transform a shy dog straight into an out going, happy canine. Dog are fun and sometimes are actually potty trained, open your home, have a great time and help an animal in require.

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