Why is Canada the Country to Immigrate To?

When it comes to deciding upon a country to immigrate, nothing can beat Canada. It really is one of those few nations in the world that actually considers its immigrants an asset. In comparison with the immigration process followed by additional developed nations, Canada is more versatile and an easier destination to immigrate to and settle down.

Canada has been accepting a high number of new migrants year after year. This year, the country would discover around two hundred and sixty five thousand fresh immigrants seeking better opportunities in the country. This number is going to be the highest in the last fifteen years. Contributing to this, the Minister for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney emphasized on his promise to maintain the immigration program in Canada.

One of the reasons for the nation’s popularity amongst immigrants is its recently introduced Speedy Application Processing. More than three fourth of the immigrants who come to Canada become a citizen of Canada. This particular makes the country having the highest level of naturalization in the world. The main reason behind this is actually the rapidly short periods of time for program processing. It only takes around 12 to 18 months for the application to be prepared unlike other countries where it requires a few years.

The system followed by the Canadian officials includes different divisions along with each division catering to a specific Canadian visa. However , since 2008 all the visa applications, irrespective of the type of visa applied for are being sent to the Centralized Office at Nova Scotia. This ensures a further reduction in period required for processing. Although, the office varies depending on the type of visa applied for.

Based on the current requirements in the local market, concern processing is allotted to the appropriate visas. These are based on the skill disadvantages which lead to the lack of the necessary labor force to fill in the gap.

Other important reasons for the nation’s success amongst immigrants are its High Requirements, Safe and Multicultural Ambiance. Getting one of the richest countries in the world, it offers excellent facilities in the form of infrastructure along with other services. This leads to some of the aspects becoming taken for granted and does not require extra expenditure to be spent on. It offers for good social services in the form of a proper health care program and other necessary amenities.

Having a multicultural society makes it easier for an immigrant to settle down. It is easier to find people from different ethnicities living together in one community. There are a lot more chances for an immigrant to find people of his own ethnicity. Additionally , such societies are very liberal in character. So , one is permitted to practice a person’s own customs and traditions with out posing difficult to the other.

The double language community offers one to select the place where in one could quickly select a place of convenience to live within. With this, safety is the most important issue for almost any immigrant moving to Canada with his family. One can find lesser crime and murder rates when compared to other nations. Laws regarding Human Rights get greater consideration amongst others. The nation has four different bodies catering towards the same. Additionally , it permits marriage for the same sex couples as well.

Continual Economic Growth is another aspect that attracts prospective immigrants to Canada. Despite recession, Canada is one of these very few countries that have had its economy on a sustainable mode. Using its stable economy on a growth, projecting employment on a full-time basis has increased constantly in the last few months.

Population can be another issue which ensures that a good number of migrants walk into the country to make up for the employment and the numbers in general. With additional and more people reaching the retirement, it might lead to a hiatus within the employment rate with no workforce to become placed. Thus, the lack of human resources can be another aspect that makes sure that the quantities are met via the process of immigration. These Demographic Factors are one of the major reasons for the reduction in trade, purchasing strength which might affect the Canadian standards associated with living. Immigration is the shortest and easiest way to cater to this issue.

Ability Demand is another factor for which migration is the answer. There are certain specific commercial sectors which the Canadian government provides recognized. The Government of Canada continues to be unable to find qualified and qualified workers to work in these sectors. For this specific purpose, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada has come up with a Priority Occupation Listing which lists all the occupations which are in need of skilled workers who can contribute to the economy of North america. This list is updated regularly based on the needs of the economy.

Flexible parental sponsorship laws for long term residents and citizens with fast processing of such applications (often within 3 to 4 years) means that the family reunification in quick and quick.

To conclude, it can be said that productivity will be captured by the nation via the procedure for immigration. If you want to learn more information about immigrate to Canada from US take a look at the web-page.
More so, it is of shared benefit to both the immigrants who are getting better opportunities as well the nation that is booming its economy. And, therefore immigrants play the role associated with further building the nation and the essential to its culture and economic climate.

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