Advice on Choosing the Right Bridal Jewellery for the Smooth and Chic Style Dress

Modern & Chic

Sleek and elegant gowns are generally either fully installed with a fishtail design or smooth and chic can also encompass these floaty almost 1920s, 1930s style dresses with a variegated hem series falling to about calf size. Or sleek and chic could possibly be the stunning wrapped look detailing with pleats and ruffles. It may be that your sleek and chic is a very elegant and simple design with a few pleats around the waistline with a teach to the back for added episode! So which type of jewellery needs to be worn with these styles of dress?

For the sleek and chic gowns plus ones where maximum headdress has been worn, a delicate sterling silver, Marcasite and either fresh water pearl or even blue topaz looks amazing. If you are struggling to find that ‘something blue’, then blue topaz is an excellent option. Some of the jewellery available today shows this precioous stone off to perfection as well as the jewellery sets, especially earrings plus necklace look stunning on a bride.
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You can have a custom-made jewellery collection to suit your whole outfit and in most cases this need not cost you a fortune. Just find a company where you can discuss your opinions, give them an idea of a budget to work to and see what they come up with, you might be pleasantly surprised!

With sleek and fashionable, Swarvoskis are always a safe choice as they sparkle sensationally in both organic and artificial light so if clothes is understated or simple in design, you can afford statement pieces in the jewellery. If elegance can be your desire then hand dyed lace hair vines look stunning plus add to the drama of the dress, they are often made with fresh water pearls and Swarvoskis added for shimmer and tend to be worn wrapped around the head plus make a lovely statement! Add to these types of a sterling silver, Marcasite and fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet in addition to a full bridal jewellery suite associated with perfection! Fresh water coin pearls are excellent value for money as you get a whole lot associated with pearl for that money. Why not find someone who could make you a bespoke bridal jewellery set with fresh water gold coin pearls and perhaps add a semi-precious rock detail for added richness. The particular lustre of good quality fresh water coin pearls speak for themselves but add a precioous stone detail and it shouts course and exuberance.

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