Precisely why Art Deco Jewelery is Great

What exactly is Art Deco? Art Deco is really a direction in art and architecture referring to the sleek and highly stylized designs in fashion between the 2 world wars. The term Art Deco itself has been drawn from the French group of artists who made their particular debut at the Universal Exposition associated with 1900 with new and stylish home furnishing shapes. This team was called Société des artistes décorateurs, hence the name, Art Deco.
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Since then buildings, cars, clothes and jewellery both in America and European countries were designed in the Art Deco style, whose main characteristics had been geometric shapes, long and capturing lines, and simple but intricate details. Elements of many cultures and arts were often blended jointly in this new style, including Mayan, Egyptian, Asian and Aztec.

The particular style permeated every pore from the society, and many great examples can be found to this day. For instance, the Chrysler Constructing in New York, Ocean Drive within Miami, are classic examples of Art Deco architecture. Jewelery was created utilizing the same shapes and patterns, adding long lines and curves, imitating the design present in buildings and cars. Women demonstrated their new equality by baring their arms, wearing make-up and hairdos, and showing their new Art Deco jewellery, which included long dangling necklaces and earrings, multiple bracelets, and vibrant rings.

Art Deco Jewellery

Jewelery was characterized by dramatic, unusual combination of materials with Platinum being one of the most fashionable precious metal. This was decorated along with stones like marcasite, jade, coral reefs, and onyx. For the first time modern materials like plastics, chrome and light weight aluminum were introduced to jewelery.

The motifs included cute animals, like cats/kittens, for instance, fruit, and blooms in many colors. The shapes mirrored those used in Architecture and art such as geometric circles, squares, rectangles, arcs and triangles.

Earrings and pendants

Long and dangling charms and earrings usually in white gold or silver adorned along with Marcasite and Onyx were very popular. These called attention to the uncovered neck and shoulders of the individual. Long earrings would swing free of charge when dancing, and this revealed the woman’s style and wealth. Diamonds are not uncommon especially for the wealthy area of the society. For the middle classes as well as the less well off, Marcasite and Onyx was a perfect gemstone.


Plain-band rings were very much in, but these were decorated with metal work or stones. Again, silver precious metal, white gold and platinum were more popular than yellow gold, with the primary stones used being made of gemstones or Marcasite.


These were usually cuffs made of Bakelite (an earlier plastic material), and adorned along with Marcasite stones.

Present days

These days Art Deco jewelery is perceived as an unique accessory for many special occasions, such as weddings, proms, etc . Its antique aspect make it very desirable, distinctive, and timeless.

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